Credit Card Processor Shut Down

Our credit card processor got shut down March 8. Venmo is the only option for shipping orders as of now, it is VERY easy to use. Cash is always preferred for pick ups if possible. We will update the payment options when a new processor is available for use.

Sign up for Venmo:

We are sorry for any inconvenience. Big Pharma is making it as difficult as possible for kratom to thrive as a business but we will prevail.

Adam Hull
The Artisan Family

3 thoughts on “Credit Card Processor Shut Down”

  1. Orders processed before March 08 are ok. Right.? I did mine the 6th and it says it’s on the way.

    1. Of course…its on it’s way already and you paid. Processor got shut down today so it only effected orders placed for card payment today and for anyone who hasnt paid yet.

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