Artisan Update: Gov. Stitt Announcement

To our valued customers,

Earlier today, Oklahoma’s Governor Stitt issued a ‘safer at home’ order for vulnerable populations and also announced more restrictions amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Gov. Stitt stated that non-essential business, in the 19 counties where COVID-19 cases have been reported, must close by 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, March 25 and remain closed for 21 days, until April 15.

With much still up in the air, the Artisan Team is monitoring all news in real time, so we can make all preparations to continue supplying product to you all. We will be open  tomorrow, March 25, from 10:00 am – until 11:00 pm, while we await confirmation of the “essential business” details. We are hoping to receive additional good news on our company’s official status and will be advising throughout the day tomorrow.

At Artisan Botanicals, we care about the health and safety of each and everyone of you during this time. Our Team has taken extra steps to help ensure a clean, safe and friendly environment and also to provide the safest and highest quality of Kratom in the state of Oklahoma.

Thank you for your business and continued support!

-The Artisan Family

Artisan Blend Update

Artisan Family,

Our pain blend products have been renamed, “Comfort” Blend. This is still the same product, however, we are updating the name of the product for compliance reasons.

As Artisan Botanicals continues to advocate for kratom and the Oklahoma Kratom Consumer Protection Act, we will continue to provide compliance and regulatory updates as information becomes available.

Thank you for your business!

-Artisan Team


Greetings everyone!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Holiday week and gearing up for an amazing December!

We will be closed tomorrow for Thanksgiving and we hope you all enjoy your day with friends and family.

I personally want to thank all of you for your continued support and business, as Artisan continues to grow its family in Oklahoma. Our cannabis clinic will be opening soon at the beginning of 2020. Our buildout is almost done and we are excited about expanding serivces, products and our family to better serve each and every one of you.

We have many great things that are happening for Artisan as we speak. As many of you already know, we tend to stay busy to help our cause and our community to move forward and we are helping create state legislation to protect our product and consuners with the use of our natural product.

We have much more exciting news on the way as we continue to grow our family organization to continue educating and bringing awareness to alternative medicine and making ARTISAN the industry standard.

Thank you and Happy Holidays.

Adam Hull

Jamie Hull

Artisan Family


BREAKING: New Artisan Kratom Pricing Alert!

Hello Artisan Family!

First and foremost, we want to thank everyone in our Artisan Family for making our first store location opening a success!  We truly could not have accomplished what we have in the first 30 days without you all and too that, we say thank you. We appreciate your continued business and support.

Great change is surely coming to the shop and we will have even more news for you but for now, we would like to announce that effective immediately, we have updated our kratom pricing to better serve you, Oklahoma and our many family members, new and old, across the U.S.A.

You stuck with us throughout last year when we went through a total change to prepare for the new store location and in appreciation, we have lowered the pricing of our Artisan Kratom.

Our journey continues as we begin the expansion process of our business. We have some really cool things happening right now and there isn’t a better time to be part of the Artisan Family.

We appreciate your loyalty to Artisan and thank you for your business!

July 7th, 2019 – NEW STORE UPDATE

7/7/19 – NEW STORE UPDATE – 7/7/19

Hopefully this is the last and final update on the store opening.  Please ask questions in the comments below and please, READ ALL OF THE INFORMATION before asking any questions.

Part 1: The Plan

Wednesday, July 10th at 10:00AM the Artisan Family Team will be opening our Midwest City location.

Website pre-orders will still start on July 8th, the pick-up location however will be The Gas Station Dispensary in Midwest City, only 2 miles away from our new location so still extremely convenient. Customers will be texted in batches over the 8th in order to control the flow of pick-ups and everyone will be given the option in the text message to pick up now or wait to pick up until after the shop is open Wednesday. This is your choice.

Any new orders placed, after the posting of this, will more than likely be filled on Tuesday and texts will be sent per usual to let you know when your order is ready for pick up.

This service will be available from 12pm-8pm July 8-9th.

The Gas Station Dispensary

9903 SE 15th St Suite E

Midwest City, OK 73130

Again, please wait on the text if you do want to pick up before the store opens.

Victory Vapor and The Gas Station will both still have walk-in inventory in the 1, 4 and 8oz bag options through the end of Tuesday.


Part 2: The Reason

We have all reason and intention to believe this will be the final change to our store opening but just in case, I will not and cannot promise you that.

The last 2 weeks have been the most unusual and unexpected we could have ever asked, thought or planned for. You all know that in the past we have had problems with a couple other local kratom businesses trying to start trouble with us due to our amazing Artisan Family. They just don’t understand what we are building here, if they did I would love to have them be a part of it with us. Unfortunately I never see that happening with whoever is still targeting us.

Long story short, we have a strong suspicion that another local business is the reason for our delay in opening the store and having to pause processing orders until the shop is open. We are working on gathering more evidence and as soon as we do we will not let this stand. Period.


Andrew, Chase, Carlos, Austin, Pyper, Loren, Jamie and myself all want to make sure you know and understand how thankful we are to have such understanding and supportive customers and community in our beautiful Artisan Family. We are so sorry for the delay, this was the last thing we wanted.

Hopefully this is the last and final update on the store opening.  Please ask question the comments below and read all info before asking any questions!

New location:

Artisan Botanicals

2601 S Douglas Blvd Suite 170

Midwest City, OK 73130


To ensure that we continue to make things as effortless as possible for all of our customers, we will not be doing VEHICLE deliveries from June 12th to July 1st.

Shipment via mail carrier is still active. Vehicle deliveries and shipment via mail carrier are two completely separate services and are not one in the same.

This will allow us ample time during our transition period to our new store location.

This is not permanent and VEHICLE deliveries will resume on Tuesday, July 2nd.

Thank you for your understanding!

-The Artisan Family


*Job applications will be accepted from individuals who live within the Oklahoma City metro area only*

I am now accepting open job applications for Artisan Botanicals Kratom & Kava & CBD. The dispensary is opening later this year but you may go ahead and apply for and we will keep your application on file and contact once the dispensary opens.

Business serious, savvy, adaptable, loyal and smart. Those are my big 4. Our companies(as in multiple) will be growing vertically and horizontally quickly over the next few years. Positions starting off will be more of a retail environment while learning and helping with other aspects of the business. As the dispensary, processing centers, indoor and outdoor grow facilities, non-profit organizations, media and advertising branches grow, we will move you into a new position where you would excel the most.

As with any small business that is growing, there are no promises. Changes, delays, and hurdles will all be a part of the growing process and transition.

A few details about us. We have been in business for close to 3 years now full time and have zero business debt, completely self-funded from day 1 starting with $200, we have had continuous growth of 5-20% per month over the last 18 months with no signs of slowing down(the opposite actually) and that is on the kratom side alone.

We are a company set to sky rocket with no limit in sight but have no doubt that there will be challenges. Those challenges will be faced head on and with those challenges will come opportunity for growth.

I am guessing a lot of you who are reading this, are curious about the Artisan Family  so definitely join our company Facebook group as well to learn more about us, if you are interested!

-Adam Hull, Owner


NEW Instagram Page is now active!

A while back, Instagram informed the Artisan Team that its business profile page was disabled due to a violation of their community standards. While we were unable to retrieve our original page, we have created a new profile page on Instagram that we ask all of our customers to follow.


Our Instagram page will not discuss, post or video any promotions, products or pricing on the new page. Our Instagram page will be our journey together towards holistic healing in an artificial world.

Welcome to the Artisan Family! 

Our Instagram Page Removed

Earlier this morning, our Instagram page was disabled by Instagram (FACEBOOK) due to, “violating their terms of service”. We are currently working on getting our social media page back up and running and we thank you for your patience.

In the meantime, please check us out on Social Media below:

Facebook Business Page

Facebook Community Page

Twitter Profile

The Artisan Family thanks you for your loyalty and your business!

UPDATE: NEW CBD Products and Updated Pricing

Artisan has revamped its CBD product line with new products and even better(LOWER!) prices! Visit the shop today to check out Americas’s highest concentration of CBD in the market. Pharmacist Formulated, 100% All Natural, Vegan and Cruelty Free.

CLICK HERE to shop our CBD line from PharmaCanna.

All PharmaCanna products are pharmacist formulated with only 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS. As nature intended it to be. PharmaCanna ingredients contain no animal products or by-products. PharmaCanna is a CRUELTY FREE company. None of our products or ingredients are manufactured or developed by methods that involve the experimenting on animals.

PharmaCanna was founded upon the belief that there exists a necessity for  a medical-grade CBD option for healthcare professionals. As a pharmacist and pharmacy owner, we wished to provide the best, purest and most natural products on the market. As healthcare professionals, we understand the desire to provide patients a quality product that produces consistent results. We take pride in manufacturing our entire product line using the pharmaceutical process. We utilize 3rd party testing in 3 separate steps of our manufacturing process. PharmaCanna strives to offer our partners peace-of-mind. We provide COA’s showing both purity of our raw ingredients and potency of the final products.