Store Opening planned for July 1!

July 1st is the day!!! We are planning to have our soft opening on July 1, which will be our transition of the business as it is now(kratom and CBD) into the brick and mortar location! We are also planning to add kava and kava drinks as well as a few other goodies! We will still offer shipping nationwide as well as pre-ordering for local pick ups if you want to be able to get in and out when you are on your lunch break!

It will be in Midwest City on 29th and Douglas Blvd!

Dispensary opening is planned for close to September 1 and we will update you more when we know for sure!Image may contain: sky and outdoorImage may contain: plant and text

NEW Instagram Page is now active!

A while back, Instagram informed the Artisan Team that its business profile page was disabled due to a violation of their community standards. While we were unable to retrieve our original page, we have created a new profile page on Instagram that we ask all of our customers to follow.


Our Instagram page will not discuss, post or video any promotions, products or pricing on the new page. Our Instagram page will be our journey together towards holistic healing in an artificial world.

Welcome to the Artisan Family! 

CBD Gummies, Micro Scales and Gram Spoons Now Available!

Organic CBD Gummies, Micro Scales and Gram Spoons available now!

With 150mg(15mg/piece) total in the package these gummies are amazing! They are made using the same 99.77% pure CBD isolate with 0% THC as our other CBD products. Many find them extremely relaxing making them perfect for a variety of ailments. Whether it be to help with anxiety, get some sleep or just to chill out and relax, you’re covered.

Buy CBD Gummies Now!

These wooden spoons are perfect for measuring dosage and convient to carry around daily!

Buy Scales Now!

Pocket sized digital microscale that mearues to the 0.1g and up to 1000g. Small enough to fit in your pocket!

Buy Spoons Now!

READ THIS PLEASE! Visa found a way to shut Zapper down. Go figure.

Zapper is on board with kratom and have partners overseas that are pro kratom, they thought they had a permanent way to process kratom transactions but Visa still found a way to make them stop providing services to our kind of business.

We are working on a new ACH payment method that will allow you to use your bank account information and will hopefully have it up soon. Until then, Venmo is the only virtual option for shipping orders. Cash preferred for pick ups please.

We are sorry for any inconvenience. Please understand that this is not our fault, this is an attack on kratom from big pharma and all we can do is roll with the punches.

Our Instagram Page Removed

Earlier this morning, our Instagram page was disabled by Instagram (FACEBOOK) due to, “violating their terms of service”. We are currently working on getting our social media page back up and running and we thank you for your patience.

In the meantime, please check us out on Social Media below:

Facebook Business Page

Facebook Community Page

Twitter Profile

The Artisan Family thanks you for your loyalty and your business!

Credit Card Processor Shut Down

Our credit card processor got shut down March 8. Venmo is the only option for shipping orders as of now, it is VERY easy to use. Cash is always preferred for pick ups if possible. We will update the payment options when a new processor is available for use.

Sign up for Venmo:

We are sorry for any inconvenience. Big Pharma is making it as difficult as possible for kratom to thrive as a business but we will prevail.

Adam Hull
The Artisan Family

UPDATE: NEW CBD Products and Updated Pricing

Artisan has revamped its CBD product line with new products and even better(LOWER!) prices! Visit the shop today to check out Americas’s highest concentration of CBD in the market. Pharmacist Formulated, 100% All Natural, Vegan and Cruelty Free.

CLICK HERE to shop our CBD line from PharmaCanna.

All PharmaCanna products are pharmacist formulated with only 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS. As nature intended it to be. PharmaCanna ingredients contain no animal products or by-products. PharmaCanna is a CRUELTY FREE company. None of our products or ingredients are manufactured or developed by methods that involve the experimenting on animals.

PharmaCanna was founded upon the belief that there exists a necessity for  a medical-grade CBD option for healthcare professionals. As a pharmacist and pharmacy owner, we wished to provide the best, purest and most natural products on the market. As healthcare professionals, we understand the desire to provide patients a quality product that produces consistent results. We take pride in manufacturing our entire product line using the pharmaceutical process. We utilize 3rd party testing in 3 separate steps of our manufacturing process. PharmaCanna strives to offer our partners peace-of-mind. We provide COA’s showing both purity of our raw ingredients and potency of the final products.

Original Facebook Group is Back!

Almost two months ago, our original Facebook Group was disabled due to what Facebook describes as, “having content that goes against our Community Standards”.  As of today, we are happy to announce that our original Facebook group is back up and running.

If you have not done so, please, join HERE. 

This group will be for all walks of life who are interested in understanding and becoming more educated in alternative health solutions, not limited to just kratom or CBD. We are here to provide assistance in knowledge, personal stories and, as a community, answer any and all questions related to our industry.

We will not discuss pricing of our products, we will not promote any sales of our products, we will not promote products or services, and we will not do giveaways, contests or promotions.

This group is strictly a community of followers who are needing assistance, education and advice about our industry and how the products can be used on a per person basis.

Once you have been invited to our group or if you have requested to join our group, we would like you to take a few minutes to go over our group rules on the home page of the group. This will help everyone and streamline all post, comments and URL links to make sure we stay within the community guidelines for Facebook.

Thank you for everyone’s patience and thank you for continuing your journey with us. We appreciate your business and will post again soon with some even better news!  2019 is going to be very exciting

-The Artisan Team

Use coupon code New2019 at checkout for 15% off!  Kilo and 1/2 Kilo splits available, no charge!

Artisan Family!

Sale is extended through the end of January! Usable once per customer with no order limits. It will work on CBD and Kratom both!

Kilo options are available again as well! No limit so go crazy if you want to!
Kilos can be split up to 4 ways, in 4 1/4’s, 3 1/3’s, or 2 1/2’s.
1/2 Kilos can be split up to 2 ways, in 1/2’s only.
In order to split go to place your order like normal and post in the order comments how you would like your 1/2 or full kilo split. If splitting between Kapuas or Blend options the price will be adjusted accordingly based around the kilo strain selected.

For example, if you order 1 Kilo of Green maeng Da($140+tax) and want it split 1/2 Green Maeng Da and 1/2 White Kapuas the final total after adjustments would be $157.50. 1 Kilo is 35 ounces and half or 35 ounces is 17.5 ounces. White Kapuas is $1 more per ounce than green maeng da so the split adjustment is adding $17.50 to the original Green Maeng Da price. A blend would ad $35 since blends are $2 more per ounce.

Please call, text or email us if you have any questions!
(405) 458-9699

Order at:

We appreciate YOU!
Adam and Jamie Hull
The Artisan Family